Here We Go…

I don’t know why the idea of starting a Blog was so overwhelming! I suppose it’s the same for most new things in our lives, overwhelming in thought- not so bad once you dive in. However, starting a blog is a choice (one I have chosen to throw to the back burner for many months now) and learning how to say- cook dinner, feed a crying baby and chat with your husband about his day at work just sort of happens to you. This concept can pretty much sum up our past year and a half. Stuff happened to us and we just figured out how to deal with it moment by moment. It’s been interesting, crazy and So Wonderful! Turns out- I love life this way! You HAVE to let go of so much planning and controlling and just live (sometimes just survive) one day at a time. When people say a baby changes everything they aren’t kidding! So, back to the overwhelming… As it turns out, the whole blog thing was so overwhelming (why? I don’t really know- I think it has something to do with procrastinating- a technique borrowed from my school days) that it took us (me) 18 months to get on board with the idea… so much for documenting Miss Ava’s every waking moment! I guess 18 months feels like a significant age marker for her and a perfect jumping off point for me- so here we go!


2 Comments on “Here We Go…”

  1. Sarah says:

    Welcome to blog-land Dani! Anytime is the perfect time to jump off! You’ll look back in a year and be so glad that you started.

    Looking forward to keeping up with the Sorenson happenings 🙂 Happy blogging!

  2. Lorena says:

    Welcome to the blogging world Dani! Glad to see you’ve joined the “bandwagon”. It’s so much fun, you’ll enjoy every minute and find yourself addicted at times. Look forward to following ya 🙂

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