So, the precursor to this story is that Ava is at the perfect height to open all of the drawers in our house and reach inside. Though she isn’t quite tall enough to see what it is she’s reaching around for, sometime she comes out with a real treat!!!

Yesterday I was just cooking dinner- So thankful that I didn’t have a little chef trying throw in her two cents when I turned around to this:

Apparently she reached and reached and came out with Mom’s Dark Chocolate Bar!

Lesson: Eat your Easter candy ASAP or someone else will!

She must have sensed that camera time was ending cause she stuck those fingers in her mouth and sucked away all the way to the sink!

P.S. Earlier yesterday afternoon Ava got her hands on Kurt’s peanut butter M&M’s… though she didn’t eat them (she chewed them up and spit them all over the floor and her shirt) she made sure that they were no longer edible. Hard Day for old Easter candy!


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