Mother’s Day Weekend!

Ava- Dani- JoJo, Mother’s Day 2009

What a wonderful Mother’s Day! Though this day is always such a nice excuse for kids or husbands to praise and appreciate the Mom’s in their life- I realized this year that it is also a day for Mom’s to sit back and appreciate the blessing that being a Mother truly is. Just given the gift of a few extra minutes of sleep yesterday morning and the opportunity to sit at the kitchen table and just stare off until my Starbucks arrived (thanks Kurt!)… I was overcome with the joy of my place, my job, my role. Starting my day off with a moment to reflect on my life, rather than to start my day off running around gave me a little perspective. This Mother’s Day I learned that this day is not only a day to tell your Mom that you love her but a day for a Mom to look at her own life and see not just crazy children and never ending laundry and cleaning… but to see the amazing blessing and untouchable JOY that comes with our job! I love being a Mom and I am thankful for my sweet husband, my little Ava-girl, my parents and my brothers and sisters for making me feel so special- giving me a little break and helping me check out my life from a different vantage point. I woke up today with a little more gratitude and a little less grumpy because of all of you! I love you!

Surprise! Mitch came in town! and Surprise! We’re eating outside at Savoy… Again!
Such a Big Girl- No High Chair anymore…
Kurt and I hardly ever take pictures of ourselves anymore… so when we do (and we look kinda cute) it’s going up!


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