Tea Party With Dad!

Thank goodness for Tea Parties… actually, thank goodness for Dad’s who initiate tea parties with their little girls! The idea of a tea party never even occurred to me! Not when Ava pulled out her mini pitcher and kept dumping the milk and water from her sippy cups into it, not when she pulled out those cute little plates and said, “nack!” (snack), and not when she brought that little cup into the bathtub and drank half the tub with it… And I call myself a girl who loves girly things! GEEZ- it took Kurt coming in from the gym, cleaning up ONE pitcher/chocolate milk dumping mess to think of having a tea party!

This was one of my favorite daddy/daughter moments- So, sorry Kurt that you aren’t wearing a shirt, but it was too precious to pass up:

“Here Ava, let me scoop you some corn!”




2 Comments on “Tea Party With Dad!”

  1. Becky Marshall says:


  2. Crystal says:

    That is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! What a great dad!

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