We’ve got a Mover!

Ava’s latest game…moving things from one location in our house to another- and then back again! I know, doesn’t sound like much fun to me either- it’s like making a mess just so you have something to clean up… Craziness Ava Girl!!! While most of the things she likes to move are messy, kinda destructive and usually just asking for a time out (toilet paper dipped in toilet water then placed in a choice location before throwing the pile in the trash, bringing a whole bag of diapers into the living room and opening the sticky tabs before returning them to her room, moving food chunk by chunk to the coffee table and then back to her plate, moving q-tips, jewelery, you name it- from it’s put away spot into the living room- getting told, “Ava, put this stuff away!”- and then very obediently (most of the time) putting it back…) this one is pretty cute and clean!

“Hmmm, what should I bring out first?”

“I think, this can will be next!”
A pause in the moving to smile for the camera!
Here is our small pile.
“OK I think that’s enough, I’ll put these things away now!”
“Gosh this can is heavier the second time around!”
“I think this is where this one was!”
“Just a few more…”
“DONE!!! Oh, oops I forgot that box of pasta… Oh well, Mom’ll get it later!”

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