Wait…May’s Already Over?!?!

Thank goodness for pictures because otherwise I’d say that May was a lost month. Despite how quickly the month felt like it flew by, our photo library proved that we actually crammed quite a lot of stuff into this month. Here’s a quick overview:
Ava realized that she didn’t like the feel of the sand on her hands at the park
As a result she learned how to stand up from a sitting position with NO HANDS!
We got to meet our sweet little cousin Logan Charles! And hang out for a minute with Scott and Melissa!
Ava finally got tall enough to reach the key and mouse on the computer- which means she daily makes our computer do things we didn’t know were possible!
Ava got her first haircut not counting when I trimmed her rat-tail and Mohawk at 6 months or her bang trim a few months ago. It was quite the ordeal and two separate haircut sessions later she had the cutest (though shorter than I had anticipated) hairdo!
Ava learned how to catch a ball- with quite a lot of help from the thrower and constant reminders to “keep your hands together!”
We did some working out… Ava learned where her abs are!
First Driving lesson with dad!
And some more swimming! Swimming session #2 entailed 2 dives off the steps and therefore 2 water rescues by ‘Lifeguard Mom’… so we took Sarah’s advice and got her a floaty!!!

One Comment on “Wait…May’s Already Over?!?!”

  1. Sarah says:

    I feel the same way about May-where did it go?! Love the pictures and love the floaty! The boys have similar ones but we haven't used them yet. It looks like it worked well though! I would love to get together sometime again soon! A group of us are always at your park on Thursdays at 11:30! It'd be great if you could join us sometime!

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