I guess to be quite honest I’ve been waiting for this day since, well… since I found out we would be having a baby! Our first “emergency”/ bloody, scary mess! Saturday started out like any other day except for the fact that I had plans… BIG BRIDAL PLANS!!! It was the day of the event that had been consuming my thoughts from the moment Jackie Sun (soon to be Bowser) asked me to be her Maid of Honor and allowed me to plan a Bridal Shower for her. In other words, Kurt had Ava all to himself and he had some big plans for their special day also, including movies, swimming, playing at the park and some yummy/fast food! The accident occurred about 20 minutes after I left the house- Ava was walking to her bed for a nap and tripped (over her own feet I think), giving her no time for her arms to break the fall and she landed face first into the wood bed frame… Some serious crying and lots of blood later, Kurt had cleaned up- found me and the three of us plus Jackie and JoJo caravaned to Urgent Care. *Side note- if you are a parent and don’t know where the closest Urgent Care that takes you insurance is, go to a phone book right now and find out!* We had done no such thing and drove to three locations before we ended up about 4 blocks from our home at the Urgent Care we didn’t even know was there… We didn’t have to wait long for a very traumatic cleaning of the wound, super sized dose of Children’s Motrin, a shot of Lidocaine in the lip and a single stitch to hold the lip together. Ava was a trooper. After falling asleep during the LONG car ride to the Urgent Care she woke up and was in good spirits, she even tried to smile as we took pictures of her boo boo. There was a lot of pain, fear and crying (myself and Kurt included) while Ava got worked on but she was pretty much back to normal as soon as we got home. There was some trauma to her upper gum’s as well but we were told that it would have to heal itself without the aid of stitches so we’re just waiting out the healing process. Besides some swelling and a pretty freaky looking lower lip she’s doing awesome! Updates to come as we visit our pediatrician and dentist… Thanks for your thoughts and prayers during our first (of many I’m sure) unexpected incidents 🙂

Waiting in the Urgent Care waiting room…

Back Home… complete with medicine, lidocaine and a stitch


The morning after- some serious swelling and green jello for breakfast (and snack and lunch…)

Later that day… dancing to Asper Kourt at Nob Hill Bar & Grill, eating a feta cheese quesadilla and flirting away! Yay for such a resilient little girl!


4 Comments on “EMERGENCY!!!”

  1. Sarah says:

    Poor Ava! She still looks so sweet even with her lip all busted! Glad to hear she's on the mend though-kids are so resilient! How long do the stitches stay in though?

  2. Lorena says:

    Man, how we Mom's fear that day. Glad she was a trooper and pulled through. That smile is still sweet as ever.

  3. Dani Sorenson says:

    Thanks for the sweet comments! She's such a cutie with the war wound… I finally showed her her boo boo in the mirror today and asked if she liked it, she said, yeah 😉

    Sarah- the urgent care folk told us to come back in 4 days to get the stitch removed- We're gonna go visit Dr. Koil tomorrow morning to ease my nerves about everything healing correctly and ask what he thinks…

  4. Susan says:

    Yikes Dani! Sounds like she is quite the trooper!

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