Ava hasn’t mastered saying ‘fish’ yet but we sure saw A LOT of ‘Nemo’s’ today at the Aquarium! I can’t believe we hadn’t done that before- Ava loved it so much. Can’t say fish but can say ‘Shark’ and wasn’t scared at all! That’s my girl… I definitely had a healthy intrigue with sharks as a kid ( I was the Jaws obsessed kid with the shark tooth necklace:-) Hmmmm, I wonder if I still have that thing?) But back to Ava- I truly haven’t seen her so still in many many months. She loved the stingrays and fish and sharks, but mostly the sea turtles!

Afterwards we picked a shady bench at the Botanical Gardens, ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with salt and pepper potato chips inside (seriously try it- it’s like a whole new level of Yum on a PB&J!) and people watched. It was a great way to spend our Sunday morning!

Stingray time!

She seriously sat like this for half an hour.

“Ava, look at the green eel, it looks like a plant, huh?”

“Momeee (Ava’s latest name for me) enough pictures…”

This one’s for you Uncle Mitch!!!


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