A 3rd Birthday for Brody-Man!

We can hardly believe 3 years have gone by since our little Brody was born… Our nephew’s birth has such a special place in our hearts and we truly remember it like it was yesterday (or at least just last year)! Kurt and I had one of the most memorable and significant days in our dating relationship and our joy was made complete with Brody’s long anticipated birth! I feel like God let these two events coincide in our lives on purpose, we have so much joy in remembering the birth of this amazing little man! It was a day of miracles and blessings- one we will not soon forget! Happy 3rd Birthday Brody! We definitely loved you even before you were born and are thrilled to be part of your life!


2 Comments on “A 3rd Birthday for Brody-Man!”

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  2. Cathy says:

    I love the party concept of your baby's 3rd birthday party.. I love having parties for kids.. They would really love it even how simple it is.. For them, that moment will be unforgettable..

    Happy Birthday!!

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