The BIG 3-0!

“Thirty is not that old.  Do you have any idea how old the earth is?”

-Ross Geller, ‘Friends’

I have to say, after celebrating Jess and Em’s thirtieth birthday via surprise party at the Q-Bar in Hotel Albuquerque in Old Town, I’m not sure I’ll be satisfied with the regular birthday celebrations again!  Not for me of course (those of you who know me well KNOW that I would much prefer to keep things quiet and anti-social on my big days) but for all of my loved ones- you know who you are- be prepared for a PARTY!  Planning and pulling off the ultimate surprise for our sweet sister and bro-in-law was a journey into new territory!  Who knew just how heartwarming a surprise celebration could be?



One Comment on “The BIG 3-0!”

  1. kurt says:

    great job!

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