10-15-09: Ava is 2!

2 Candles...Check!

It’s official… we now have a 2 year old in our home!  What a joy she is!  We had a wonderful day celebrating our little princess, and oh how easy she made it for us to shower her in treats, fun and gifts!  Such a sweetie, she must have said “Thank You!” about a billion times!  Our special Birthday-Day started at The Zoo, where we got to see the CUTEST baby elephant!  We had a picnic lunch, EINSTEINS!  We opened gifts, plenty of new books, some chef’s attire (for the new kitchen) AND some play food! We had a delicious (in my humble opinion) dessert of  French Vanilla Ice Cream Balls rolled in Heath Bar or Oreo alongside some heart and star shaped Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies and Cool Whip! To end the day, Ava had a few family visitors bearing MORE gifts!  New boots, some cute clothes, a new baby doll (with a stroller, cradle and high chair), BOLT, and a  lavender filled stuffed lamb to sleep with …  It is so heartwarming to watch Ava enjoy her life and to watch the people around her just shine with joy in her presence.  I can’t believe God chose me to be the mom of this amazing little lady!  She shows me the world in a Bright and Shiny new way, and I find that I love life more just knowing her!

Baby Elephant Daizy

Gorilla, Ave and Mom

Dad and Ave

Feeding the Ducks

Ava and Uncle Mitch getting duck/fish food

Mr. Tiger- one of our faves!

Mom, Dad and Ava at the Zoo

Opening Gifts from Mom and Dad

Decked out little chef

New Boots

So Excited for her new baby (Daizy)


One Comment on “10-15-09: Ava is 2!”

  1. stephvilladavis says:

    Your precious Ava is SO gorgeous and I can’t believe she’s already two!
    And I agree..if we lived closer we would have a great time together!-Sean and I will be out there the second week of December so hopefully we can meet up then. xo

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