Grandma’s Birthday!

Sunday we celebrated our last family birthday in October!

Everyone blowing out the candles

Happy Birthday Grandma/Mom-Mary!

Brody, Grandma and Ava- Happy Birthday Grandma!

We shared a fun and relaxing meal at Savoy and then had a delicious cake (made with love and plenty of yummy fall flavors by Jess) at the Sorenson House! It was the perfect way to end the weekend and a great opportunity to celebrate our Grandma!

The Lost PresentBefore Dinner we couldn’t find Grandma’s gift anywhere… We got so desperate we got Ava out of her car seat and brought her back into the house to help us find it. Without any help from Ava, here’s where we finally found it!  Now why didn’t we think to look there?!?!

Since then we have found many lost items in the various hiding spots her new kitchen provides:-)


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