We’re still here

Oh my gosh! I can not believe a whole month has gone by.  In some ways it feels like it’s been WAY longer (that’s the morning-sick-complainer talking) but in others it feels like it was just last week that we got our BIG NEWS and got to share it with our families.

I have to say, this second pregnancy has been rough so far.  Not only did I have no idea about morning sickness, but I have a super energetic 2 year old that needs me to play with her constantly and I just haven’t had the energy or stomach to do it.  This month has made me so thankful for my wonderful husband.  Along with going to work every day, he has taken up doing laundry, cooking dinner, washing dishes, cleaning the house,  taking Ava on fun outings (the park, pet stores, visits to grandma and grandpas) and always being willing to run out and search for my latest “sour candy” craving 😉

Today I had my first doctor’s appointment!  It’s finally REAL! There IS a baby in there! With a heartbeat and everything!!!  Some days this past month I was just sure I was dying of the flu or something and it feels so great knowing that there is a little one in there- it really does make it all worth it.  So here are the stats so far: due to sickness and lack of appetite for most of the last few months I am still about 4 pounds shy of my normal weight- SO, it’s time to start gaining some weight (so glad that when someone tells me to gain weight it happens to be Christmastime with yummy treats everywhere!), we have an estimated due date of June 21, 2010- though after the exam our midwife felt that we might be a little bit further along than the dates indicate so we will be getting an ultrasound to confirm how far along we are.  I did get to hear a very rapid and sweet heartbeat though,  got about a gallon of blood drawn, and received the H1N1 vaccine.

The picture below shows pretty much what I’ve been doing all month- I just move around the house laying down wherever looks comfortable!  This is one of my favorites…

I have to say, Ava has been so funny lately- sometimes just listening to her talk  and laughing with her makes me feel better! Though sometimes when laughing to hard I have been know to burst into tears- and then feel like I’m going to puke!

Sadly, we weren’t able to make it to our original Thanksgiving destination in Colorado Springs with Kurt’s family.  We spent Thanksgiving Day just  laying really low and ended up having some really great family moments!  We ate Thanksgiving dinner the previous Sunday so we went nontraditional…  We had a yummy breakfast of  Monkey Bread, Green Chile Turkey Sausage, Strawberries and Orange Juice and we watched the entire Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (my fave)!  Kurt and I had fun sitting back listening to Ava name a lot of characters in the parade that we didn’t even know she knew (Spider man and  Abby Cadabby… WHAT?)!  We watched some movies, all took a nap and ate pizza for dinner and watched the Bronco’s game!

Ava really loved putting up Christmas decorations, especially the tree!  For a few days after she would run out of her room in the morning to the lit up tree and say, “I love this tree!”

The other night the TV was on with no one really paying attention to it.  I think Kurt was at band practice and I was on the computer,  when I turned around I found Ava all snuggled up on the couch with many of the comfort items from her bed sitting in front of the TV watching the Shreck holiday special.  It was SO cute- but it made her feel a little too grown up (minus the dang pacifier)!

If you haven’t checked it out already, pick up this months issues of ABQ the Magazine and Local iQ Magazine!  Asper Kourt won the title of “Best Local Band Headed for Stardom” for ABQ the Mag, and there’s a pretty cool picture of them in there.  They will be playing tonight at the ABQ BEST OF PARTY at Isleta Casino! Local iQ Mag did a musical feature on the band and wrote a pretty complimentary article on them.

Hopefully there will be more frequent updates in the future! 🙂


One Comment on “We’re still here”

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow! Quite the month, I’d say! So happy to hear you guys had a blessed Thanksgiving, quiet as it was! So happy to hear all is well with Ava and the new baby too. And I agree, no better time of year to be able to gain for baby 🙂 Take care of yourself, Dani! xo

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