Healthy 2 Year Old

We finally had our 2-Year check-up!  Ava is healthy as can be and just growing away.  I didn’t realize what a milestone this check-up was, marking the end of our “baby period” – we now only have to see the doctor once a year AND we’re done with shots until she’s 4!!!   I’m really hoping that a year is enough time for her to forget all about doctors visits because man is she SENSITIVE about them.  We talked about the appointment for days (weeks really) leading up to the visit: using her doctor’s kit, talking about what the doctor and nurse would do, reminding her that Doctor Koil is our friend, even bribing her with an ice cream date after if she was good.  Well, she still bawled her eyes out through most of the appointment.  Oddly enough, she seemed to cry the hardest during the parts that weren’t painful at all and said it was because she was scared… gosh, talk about breaking our hearts! These visits are definitely hard on all of us 🙂  But, though traumatic, we did learn that Ava weighs 26.4 pounds, she is 34 1/4 inches tall and has a “big” head (I forgot the measurement)!  Our little peanut started out in the 5th percentile is now firmly established between the 50th and 75th!

I don’t know who (me or Ava) was more excited about the ice cream cones after, but I think we all earned it!


2 Comments on “Healthy 2 Year Old”

  1. Thomas is now heavier than Ava, and less than two inches shorter! Eek! They are growing up too fast! I can’t wait to see her!

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