Starting to Grow

With a LONG way to go!

Doctors Appointment #2 down!  We had our first ultrasound over the holidays to determine how far along we are and it was so much fun!  Our little baby measured right on track for our initial due date (June 20) which puts us at 16 weeks!  We also solved the mystery of SO MUCH PEEING— we watched the little one repeatedly kick my bladder on the ultrasound!  It was really funny… kind of:-)

Here are the stats from the appointment:

Weight: Gaining 🙂 I can’t decide whether to measure the gaining from my pre-pregnancy weight or my 1st appointment weight (which was lower due to sickness)– suggestions?

Blood Pressure: 104/68

Fundus Height: 17cm

Baby’s Heartrate: 140’s

* I think it’s just about time for some pictures though my stomach still kind of just looks like I consumed a few too many Christmas cookies…so, pictures to come when it rounds up a little!


One Comment on “Starting to Grow”

  1. Sarah says:

    Yay! ONE new baby 😉 Glad to hear everything is going well! And from that heart rate, I say boy!! It certainly proved true for me three times over! See you Friday!

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