Man do I love these kids!   Love watching them play together.  Love hearing them chit-chat.  Really Love when their giggles turn into belly laughs at each others jokes (that by the way- none of us grown ups get AT ALL)!   It is such a joy to watch our daughter and nephew bond and build such a special relationship.

We love them and they LOVE Grandma’s Hershey Pie!


3 Comments on “Love”

  1. Crystal says:

    How sweet! I just had to say Ava is getting so big! And absolutely beautiful! Congrats on expecting as well, that’s so so exciting, you guys are very blessed!

  2. Rochelle Turri says:

    i love this girl! make sure you keep showing her pictures of me so she doesn’t forget me ;o)

  3. jessica prochnow says:

    cute picture D!! yeah for them loving each other! it’s about darn time!

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