Yummy Rice and Chicken Sausage

This recipe is super easy AND healthy!   I hadn’t made it in a while and I have no idea why… Kurt and I were fighting over the leftovers for lunch today!

Makes about 4 servings


Olive Oil

1/2 Red Bell Pepper- diced

1/2 Small Yellow Onion- diced

1 tsp Smoked Paprika



2 Cloves Garlic-grated

1 TBS Fresh Parsley- chopped

1 Cup Brown Rice

3 Cups Chicken Broth

1 Package (4 links) Chicken Sausage (we use Trader Joe’s-Garlic Herb Chicken Sausage) diced

1/2 cup frozen peas

1/2 cup frozen corn

Directions:  Heat about a tablespoon of Olive Oil in a large saucepan over med-high heat, add diced bell pepper, diced onion, smoked paprika and salt and pepper and cook until veggies are tender.  While these things are cooking make a paste with the grated garlic and the chopped parsley on your cutting board.  When veggies are done add the paste along with the rice and saute until mixed and slightly toasted.  Add the chicken broth, bring to a boil and then lower to a simmer, cover and cook until broth is mostly absorbed (about 40-60 minutes).  In a separate skillet brown your chicken sausage.  When water is mostly absorbed in the rice mixture add the frozen veggies, sausage and salt to taste.  Though the broth will be absorbed by the end of the cooking process the rice texture is pretty sticky.  At this point I take the lid off and crank the heat to get the bottom rice a little crispy, then scoop up a big bowl and enjoy!


One Comment on “Yummy Rice and Chicken Sausage”

  1. Sarah says:

    This looks tasty! I bought more sausage at Sunflower so I could make this on a crazy day! I love one pot meals!

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