…and more Berenstain Bears

This Berenstain Bears obsession is getting crazy!  Ava loves them.  They are the only story option on her radar at the present (well, besides the occasional Disney Princess Sing-Along [book]) .  Thankfully our public library and neighborhood Borders provide us with a healthy variety and the promise of many more new adventures to come!   I worry that without the  900 stories to choose from we might get just a tiny bit sick of that Bear Family 🙂

Sarcasm aside, however repetitive this “bear phase” is, it is WONDERFUL to have Ava sit quietly and calmly in our laps to hear the stories.   Even BETTER when she giggles at Brother and Sister’s antics.  And the BEST when she gently reminds us that we’ve skipped missed a page and then finishes the sentences for us!


One Comment on “…and more Berenstain Bears”

  1. jessica prochnow says:

    I so understand…I am right there with you! It’s so great, yet it takes so much patience when you don’t feel like reading those books for the 100th time. I do like how Mama bear is so full of wisdom in her parenting and also is always busy in her garden, cooking, and making quilts, etc. Mama bear is like the Proverbs 31 woman! Go Mama! 🙂 haha – a stretch, I know.

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