Book A Month Club: February

Month 2 of the New Years Resolution down!  I feel like I’m picking up speed and really enjoying reading again- just wish I had a little bit more time!

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks:  Recommended by my 2 little sis’s… First I have to say, I fell in love with Nicholas Sparks when I read The Notebook.  To date this is one of my favorite love stories. I don’t know if it’s because it was the first one I read as a young adult, if it was the writing, or just because it gave me hope in that kind of love that lasts a lifetime, but that book has a very special place in my heart.  That said, none of Nicolas Sparks’ books ever compare (in my eyes).  BUT, I can’t say I didn’t like this one or wouldn’t recommend it… Both in fact!  It is a sweet love story, it’s quick and easy to read and the characters are so easy to love and root for!

Traveling Light by Max Lucado:  This is my go-to Max Lucado book.  This man, pastor, father, teacher has such a wonderful way of sharing God’s loving principles in such an applicable way.  This book is one that I pick up once a year, reading a chapter here and a chapter there.  Every single time I read it I get reminded of some simple truths that make my days… ‘lighter’.  Using the 23rd Psalm, Max reminds us line by line how to let go, lay down unnecessary burdens and rest with God.  It’s wonderful!

This is my top pick for the month.  I was warned before beginning this one that is was sad and might be hard for me to read.  So before starting it I was aware that the book centers around the grief of a woman who has recently lost her 5 year old daughter.  EEK!  I almost didn’t even want to read it but I did and I’m really glad.  This book was extremely heavy for me but it was also beautifully written and so raw and real.  It walks the reader through the various stages of grief as experienced by individuals in a “knitting circle”.  It is wonderful how the lives of these individuals become intertwined, how they help each other grow, heal and ultimately walk into the future.  I have to say, I was inspired on many levels as I read this book and even decided that knitting was to be my new hobby- HA!  I talked about it so much in fact that for Valentines Day my sweet husband bought me a Knitting for Beginners Kit!  So, while I have taught myself a few basics I am desperate for some more guidance.  Any knitters out there?  I’m thinking of taking a class or joining a club… if you have any suggestions send them over!

Child of My Heart by Alice McDermott:  I’m not sure what to say about this one.  It’s not that I didn’t like it, but I didn’t necessarily like it either.  Well, I do have to say that the writing was very unique.  McDermott has a style all of her own and sometimes that make a book better(it did help this one out).   But the story for me was just kind of boring.  I still got through it, didn’t really mind it, but was mostly glad to finish just to have another book to add to February’s list.

Still open for suggestions for March!  If you’re reading something amazing please pass on the title, I have a few short months left to get in some good quality reading time!


7 Comments on “Book A Month Club: February”

  1. JoJo says:

    Hi D! the knitting circle sounds really good. you are inspiring me to get on the reading bandwagon.. maybe i could borrow it? thanks! xo

  2. Susan says:

    I’m reading “Don’t Make Me Count to Three” by Ginger Plowman. A great book about heart oriented discipline and how to apply scripture to shepherding our kids. My fav parenting book so far!

  3. Crystal says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’m going to check out Traveling Light for sure, sounds like something I’ve been looking for : )
    Have you read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, they just made it into a movie, and I HAD to re-read it before I saw it, it’s a good one!

  4. Paula says:

    have read all of these except “traveling light” – and liked them all too! “the knitting circle” was intense….but very important to me during a difficult time. can’t wait to read “traveling light”…. sean and katie have always loved max lucado picture books (me too!)

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