The Big 2-7!

Kicking off Kurt’s 27th Birthday Week!

‘Thanks for the help guys!”

Dad and Ave

Mom, Ava and Baby S (see we’re growing!)

Ava and Brody (Harry Potter?)

Ready… Set… GO!!! (Ava needed a turn with the glasses)

Our poor pillows 🙂

But they had so much fun running…

and jumping…

and crashing…

that we didn’t mind a bit!  What a fun birthday party!

We love you Kurt!

3 Comments on “The Big 2-7!”

  1. jessica prochnow says:

    ahhh! so cute! We had a lot of fun! Glad Kurt had a good birthday! xoxo

  2. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday, Kurt! Dani you look fantastic! And I love the picture of Brody jumping with the baby doll! It sums them up perfectly. Boys are crazy!! Get ready…one’s comin’ your way 😉

  3. crystalbear23 says:

    Yum! Those birthday pies look great! Looks like Kurt had a wonderful b-day, ava is just so sweet! And you look wonderful by the way!

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