Dad and A

On those nights when I just can't get myself in the kitchen to make dinner, this is what Kurt and Ava eat! Kurt makes his old college dinner of beef, (two frozen beef patty's seasoned up with garlic salt and steak seasoning and browned on the stove) pasta (thin spaghetti to be exact) and at least half a shaker of grated parmesan cheese. He and A grab some forks and for the next 15 minutes fight over the beef chunks:-) I love these nights because it means I get to eat popcorn and ice cream ( my college staple) for dinner 🙂

Just a frustrating cute little Ava antic:

Ava is a major bedtime staller these days.  She likes to go to bed, then about 15-30 minutes later start making requests.  Last night I was at the very end of my rope and not trusting myself not to freak out, I just let Ava knock and knock on her bedroom door hoping that she would get bored and go back to bed.  This had been going on for a fair amount of time when Kurt got home from band practice.  Before I even had a chance to explain I had to pee and as I headed to the bathroom I saw Kurt heading for her room.  Too tired to warn him that she was just going to make some crazy request (more water in her already full water bottle, having to pee- though she’s wearing a diaper, forgot to brush her teeth or wash her hands— yeah right Ava, like you even care about those things…) I just said a little prayer for him, stifled a laugh and let him go.  This is what I overheard:

Kurt: (standing at her door opened a crack) Hi Ava.  What do you need?

Ava: I just have a question.

Kurt: Ok, what is it?

Ava: Well….(30 second pause)….. Daisy  fell ……..(30 second pause)…….on my bed………

Kurt:  (interrupting what could very feasibly have turned into a 10 minute “question”) Ava, that’s not a question.

Dani: (hardly containing my violent laughter in the hallway)

Kurt:  Goodnight

Ava: …but…but…but…

Kurt:(closes and locks door)

AND not another peep the rest of the night… gosh! if only I’d known it was that easy- though I couldn’t have done it with a straight face…

2 Comments on “Dad and A”

  1. Kurt says:

    so, tonight, ava’s stalling convo went like this:

    ava: so, i just have one question or something . . .

    kurt: ok, what’s your question??

    ava: when i get out of my bed and open the door, i can see you guys.

    kurt: that’s not a question either, ava!

    ava: ok, bye . . .

  2. Lorena says:

    That is just hilarious.

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