Ready to…


This is how I found Ava yesterday.

She said that she needed to sew something for her baby.  When I asked her what she “needed” to make she said, “probably a blanket or something.”  This was funny and cute in itself but as a side note, Ava has been adding “or something” to the end of EVERY sentence lately- it’s pretty cute but it is an in your face reminder of those things we say too often!  I had no idea I said this phrase so much throughout the day…

Another thing I didn’t realize I’d been saying often enough that Ava picked it up… “Ouch Baby” when I get a rib kick.   Ava will be sitting quietly playing or eating a snack when all of a sudden she says, “ouch baby”… the first time this happened we asked, “what are you talking about?”   She said that her baby in her tummy was kicking her too hard… Oh Geez, guess I need to stop yelling at our baby!   But honestly I didn’t even think anyone was listening to me anymore when I complain 🙂


One Comment on “Ready to…”

  1. jessica prochnow says:

    Pa-haha! That is funny. Brody used to say, “oh my goooooooos-th.” I thought, why does my 2 year old sound like a valley girl? 🙂 So Ava’s baby’s kicks hurt her too….kids are so smart and listen to more than we give them credit. Well, your baby will love whatever Ava “knits!” Cute! xoxo! Jess

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