Ten Days In

I’m not really sure where the days have gone.  If you asked me I’d say we’ve been home just a few days, not 10!  Though I don’t feel that tired or out of sorts, as I looked through our pictures from the past 2 weeks I couldn’t believe how much has gone on, how much has changed and how little of each day I actually remember.  I’m wondering how present in my current life I am…  Here’s hoping this is all just part of the process of getting used to being a mom of 2!  Here’s a run down of what we’ve been up to:

So much sleeping! I’m really trying to embrace this milk-drunk babytime… I know it doesn’t last long!
Ava practicing for her very first Ballet class at Fishback Dance Studio! She loves dancing around our house and anything having to do with ballerinas however, after two failed attempts to actually get her into the classroom we’ve decided she’s a little too young. We’re going to try again next year!

Even though the class is a no go, I couldn’t resist putting up pictures of her cute little bun and her sweet 2 year old bod in a leotard and tights 🙂

Our first park outting post baby… too bad it was over 100 degrees!
Noelle at the park, soaking up some rays to get rid of the last of her jaundice!

This is how I find Noelle for most feedings… she grunts for about 10 minutes as she wiggles herself free and then cries her face off as though she’s starving! At least she’s proving to be a good eater 🙂

These 2 pictues were taken within minutes of eachother...

...I think it's safe to say they're sisters!

Ava started SWIM LESSONS!

She's been having so much fun getting comfortable in the "big pool"...

...so far we're kicking, blowing bubbles, being a monkey on the wall and talking a lot about the possibility of getting our whole face wet! Glad we have the whole summer ahead of us!

Ava is really anxious to "play" with Noelle... With dad keeping a close eye, the girls played Pet Shop! Ava did all of the talking and Noelle just stashed dogs and cats in her pockets 🙂

We LOVE LOVE LOVE watching Ava love her little sister. While we were taking this picture Ava said, "Noelle, you're so pretty"... Thank God for our sweet gals!


4 Comments on “Ten Days In”

  1. Susan says:

    Very sweet. I hear ya, the days are just flying by. Enjoy it, mama!

  2. jessica prochnow says:

    I loved seeing all those pictures. You have a sweet little family, that is for sure. 2010 will prove to be an awesome summer for you guys I think.
    love you-

  3. Lynley says:

    I feel like I’ve never seen any little one look so cute in a ballerina outfit 🙂 I love those little sweet peas of yours!! Can’t wait to watch Ellie grow!

  4. Sarah says:

    Oh my! Anytime I need a girl fix, I think I’ll just come here. The leotard seriously just about put me over the edge! Your girls are beautiful, D! So happy for you!

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