Things we LOVE this week

Our Moby’s…

Following voices, looking at lights, smiling, really preferring tummy sleeping, … even trying to talk a little!

Pooping in the potty!  Though it took switching from diapers to pull-ups during nap and bed time (along with a lecture about how these were a different kind of undies, ones that you can’t poop in), a trip to the toy store (to pick out a toy that would sit on the bathroom counter for 4 days unopened awaiting 3 poops in the pot), the promise of gum and stickers on her potty chart, the threat of serious illness (around day 3 of no pooping at all), a major candy bribe (that didn’t pan out because after filling a Ziploc bag to the brim and holding it while on the pot she dumped it all over the bathroom floor and had to vacate the bathroom while I cleaned up and threw it all away)… but finally on day 4 she had success!  Day 5 she REALLY wanted to bring that Polly Pocket Boat into the bath that night so she got poops 2 and 3 done in one afternoon 🙂  Since then, she wants to try in every single potty!

Watching big sis eat her dinner…which seems to take longer and longer these days with many MANY more bribes in order to get the healthy food in her belly!

The Natural History Museum for an educational outing…

Chocolate covered berries AND leaving chocolate all over his face to see who would help him out (no one did)!

Celebrating  Tug and Jo’s 30th anniversary!

Imagine Canvas… Us kids got them a canvas of a beach picture of all of us that was taken a few days before their 30th!

Our beautiful girls! Ava loves to ‘hold’ our babe every chance she gets!

Favorite blankies… Ellie moved to her crib the day we got back from vacation and it’s been great!  She still wakes up 2-3 times to eat but Kurt and I are spared the loud grunting in the wee morning hours… I think this special blanket (made with love by Roche and Ry) is fast becoming a sleeping necessity!

Still sleeping everywhere!

Water Monkey Adventure @ Cliff’s with Dad!  The annual Boeing SVS Cliff’s family day hit a whole new level of fun this year!  We finally got smart and just did the water park part rather than brave the heat to do rides- it was a good choice!  Ava had so much fun on the water slides once she gave it a go.  Kurt did have to push through some serious tears, cat-like clawing and disturbed looks from other parents, but by the time she hit the bottom she was laughing and asking for more!  She went on to do the slide at least 10 times!


One Comment on “Things we LOVE this week”

  1. Crystal P says:

    Oh how adorable, Ava with her mini-moby, that is just TOO sweet!

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