Through Another Week . . .

Life with our two girls is just screaming by…with each week that goes by things are evolving and changing, almost at a rate to fast for me to document or keep up with.  Thank goodness for pictures, without them so many milestones would be lost in the shuffle and in a year we’d be completely clueless to what was going on when Elle was 2 and a half months old and what Miss Ava was up to just 2 months shy of her 3rd birthday.

Our Elle Girl loves baths and showers!  Gone are the days of crying and chattering… though we aren’t sure her exact weight, we know that our baby is growing RAPIDLY!  She’s filling out her 0-3 month clothes and mostly due to her length, wearing 3-6 month clothes!  This is such new territory for us!  Ava was wearing 3-6 month clothes through her first 10 months!  We love Elle’s chubby cheeks and happy HAPPY demeanor!  She is such a joy and seems to be happy to be alive! She is content no matter who’s holding her, or where we are, unless she’s tired and then she needs a tight swaddle, a Nuk Genius passy and she’s out!  Speaking of sleep, we got a little tease last week, Elle slept between 7 and 9 hour stretches for about 5 days… I thought I was going to die of un-exhausted happiness, then she went back on her old 4-5 hour night time pattern.  Hoping she re-finds those long snoozes!  What a sweet blessing Noelle has been in our lives, we are loving getting to know her!

Ava is growing up TOO fast!  She is a little girl with enormous spunk and some serious opinions… Though we have been challenged in the past two months more than ever in her first 3 years, we are also rolling with laughter daily listening to her interpretations of the world.  She is so smart and lately has been ‘working on her language’.  She can hear when she doesn’t quite get a word right and she will practice until she does.  Just the other day she came up to me and said, “pinK” (she usually pronounces her favorite color “pee-nt”)  I said, “Wow, Ava, that’s so great!”, she said, “it’s a hard one but I’ve been practicing”… HaHa!  She is also really getting into singing. Not just the kiddy songs we’ve taught her either, her current favorites are, Colbie Caillat’s “I Never Told You” and Asper Kourt’s latest recordings of “Firefly” and “This Reminds Me”!  Some of  our current challenges are; keeping Ava in her room at bed and nap time-especially since she’s wearing undies to bed and has us fearing bed-wetting if we don’t let her go potty whenever she feels the urge and dealing with a new-found phobia (a.k.a. 2 year old strong willed resistance) toward saying “hi”, “thank you” and interacting in general with people- including family and friends that she’s known her whole life… the list of challenges grows and changes daily, but so does her helpfulness and love toward us and her little sister.  Hearing her sweet voice say, “Hiiiii Ellllllle! How was your sleep?” each morning is enough to melt me on even the grumpiest mornings.

Above, Ava really wanted to help me prepare a meal for our sweet friends The Marshall’s who just welcomed their 2nd son to the world.  She was NOT content to watch me chop, she went and got a knife out of her kitchen and joined right in 🙂

I can see it now…

Elle: Ava, I wanna be just like you!

Ava: Yeah you do… I’ll teach you everything I know!

I was attempting to take a picture of the girls in these matching tee’s PaPa and JoJo got them…this was the best funniest one I got! (look at those cheeks!)

Trying to get 4 people bathed or showered each day has been the biggest event of the week.  I think the only one who hasn’t managed one every day is me 🙂

Ahhh, ‘Park Thursdays’!

We live for this special time to be outside and spend time with friends, it also means it’s almost the weekend!

This is how I feel right now with Friday night Happy Hour just hours away!

…it’s the little things, right?!?!


One Comment on “Through Another Week . . .”

  1. Lynley says:

    These little ones just keep getting cuter 🙂

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