Sandia Crest

After straining our brains for some inexpensive fun to have with our girls, we decided upon a short drive to the Crest, with the hopes of a little hiking and picnicking.

Though it was a beautiful day, we didn’t bargain for the 20 degree cooler temperature and wind that we found waiting for us at the top!

The girls were great sports though… even when Ava was disappointed to realize that our trip wasn’t to the moon, but to the mountains… (not sure how or where her little brain came up with that one).

Good old Dad, thinks it’s tee-shirt weather no matter what the temp outside!

What a great view…

…and what a comfy nap spot!

Our very own Pack Mule šŸ™‚

Well, both of us really.Ā  This little girl is HEAVY!

What a great trip to the moon mountains!Ā  We will definitely be doing that outing again!


One Comment on “Sandia Crest”

  1. jessica says:

    You’ve changed your blog background. I like it! I didn’t know if I was in the right spot. šŸ™‚ I liked that Ava thought she was going to the moon. haha! Good for you guys taking that road trip up to the Sandias! We have so many neat places right here, and we rarely take advantage of them. Love you! Jess

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