Hellooooo Late 20’s!

Around here we like to make Birthdays last all week long!  The celebration for my 28th (AHHHH!) started just a little early with a special dinner and surprise (Gluten Free) birthday cake at PaPa and JoJo’s before they left for 3 weeks in Italy!

My last day as a 27 year old = a trip to the NM State Fair!  This trip was made complete with a quick trip through the Red Barn (it was too stinky according to Ava), Ava’s first corn dog (loved it), AND a BIG bag of Kettle Corn that I (along with a tiny bit of help from the fam) polished off in 2 days!

Happy Birthday Morning! Wow I look sleepy but I’m smiling because what this picture doesn’t show is the Venti coffee Kurt woke up extra early to run out and get at Starbucks!

Kurt and I went out for a fun dinner at Farina… I REALLY missed the pizza with this whole Gluten Free thing but my salad was good and the company was delightful!

Gosh our baby is SO cute, I know I’m not biased at all 🙂

This shot is for you  Jo… You will be happy to know that Kurt brought a candle along with us to dinner just so he could make sure that I blew out a candle ON MY ACTUAL BIRTHDAY!  I know I make fun of my mom for how dramatic she is about this tradition but truth be told it has attached itself to my heart and it makes me smile that on some level (probably one that wants to avoid needless birthday tears from me) Kurt has embraced his role as the one that makes the birthDAY candle craziness happen!

We sang and blew out this candle quite a few times trying to capture a great (one where I looked acceptable) picture… Though not my best photo moment,  I love this shot because my Ava girl snuck out of her room (a good hour after she was supposed to be asleep) to see what all the singing was about and said, “I want to sing to my mom!”

“The Kids” as I’ve come to affectionately call my Brothers and Future-Sisters-In-Law

planned and prepared a delicious

28th Birthday Dinner for me!

We all dressed ourselves…

and drooled all over ourselves

and over the most wonderful meal!

Though the parents are over sea’s we enjoyed the celebration in OUR home which made it so comfortable and special!

Gift time was maybe one of the most amusing ones to date…

especially when much to my delight I received a GO GIRL… if you don’t know what that is, I will let you research on your own! We all had a good laugh and I am PUMPED for the endless opportunities I now have for easy outdoor goin’…

Ava was maybe the most off the wall any of us have ever seen her… Oh how I love watching the ones I love enjoy an evening!

The birthday celebration didn’t end there…

My lovely Ma and Sis-In-Law took me out for my very first “Tea” Experience at the St. James Tearoom! I had no idea what to expect and I was just floored by the fancy, girly, delectable fun of the whole experience!

I was even allowed to eat every single thing thanks to their Gluten Free Menu Option… How cool to not have to miss out on one yummy bite!

It was so much fun to share this time and give Jess a chance to share Emrys’ beautiful wood workings throughout the entire restaurant!  I have to take this opportunity to thank Jess for making sure that not one year went by without some serious waterworks…but seriously, that was wonderful of you Jess, taking the time and effort to prepare such a beautiful letter for me… though I was trying to break the spell and not cry this year I actually ended up giving Kurt and then myself a good laugh- apparently I’m pretty funny when blinded by tears 🙂

Another year down and I am just reminded how blessed and loved I am.  Thank you family for knowing me and celebrating me accordingly!


4 Comments on “Hellooooo Late 20’s!”

  1. Loved this blog but mostly love you! Happy 29th year… It’s gonna be a fun one Sista! 🙂

  2. Lorena says:

    What a wonderful birthday week! So glad you had such a special birthday 🙂

  3. jessica says:

    Ah that was such a cute post! I loved seeing all the pics from your birthday! I think my favorites were the ones of Noelle smiling because they make me smile, the one where she is soaked from her drool (haha!) and the picture of Ava with her crazy outfit at dinner! It looked like you had a really good birthday week. You deserve it. Yay for you. That’s what I say!

  4. joJo says:

    Hieveryone! We miss you so much! We will see you soon love you lots!! Mom and dad

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