Snackin’ Gluten Free

As I was looking through all of our pictures trying deperately to find one of me snackin' I ran across this one of Ava. In it she is just 2 weeks shy of one year old! What a little sweetie- I can't believe that right now she's 2 weeks shy of being 3! AND I figured that since she's holding a GF snack, it works for this post 🙂

I think most of the battle with any diet, food allergy or elimination diet is the fear of not knowing what you are going to snack on.  At least that has always been my hold up.  I am not good at restricting myself when it comes to food so I have adopted a ‘moderation’ policy when it comes to my eating.  I tend to be slightly extreme in most areas of my life and food is no exception.  At different periods of my life I have been extremely focused on healthy eating that led to some mild craziness and obsession with food and I have gone through periods where I thought absolutely nothing about the content of what I was putting in my mouth… both are unhealthy for me.  I do much better when making healthy choices most of the time and also eating those things that I love (usually sweet treats) in moderation.  This has worked for me for many years, until my latest battle.  The Gluten Free lifestyle really scared me mostly because I was afraid that in restricting myself from eating MANY of the things that I love, I would either get a little nutty in the head or just plain depressed.   I decided that I would commit to finding snacks and meals that tasted great, filled me up and DID NOT leave me feeling like I had missed out on an important food group.  Since I don’t love meals and would be content to eat 6 snacks a day, I just made sure that I had a bunch of snack options that fit my new dietary restrictions so that I could spend almost no time focusing on the fact that I can’t eat bread, pasta, cereal, etc.

Here are just a few of the GF products I have found that pass my taste test:

Glutino Sesame Ring Pretzels

I am a major pretzel lover!  I think Kurt might have been kind of glad that I would no longer be able to eat them since my favorite pretzel eating venue was our bed while watching LOST or Friends.  I think the idea of salt crystal free bedding was extremely appealing.  But . . . I’m back in business!  These pretzels, though pricey, are wonderful!  And they are carried at most grocery stores in town; Sunflower Market and Smiths for sure!

Voskos Greek Yogurt

I hadn’t really ventured into the whole Greek Yogurt craze even though most everyone in my life had and really loved it.  One day I was reading about it and the descriptive words, creamy, custardy, rich, won me over for a try.  I am glad I did!  Not only is this a yummy snack, it sustains my sweet tooth for a moment and has a good amount of protein in it which makes it filling!  If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t be scared- it’s great!  I’m thinking of venturing into the plain Greek Yogurt next. It is a little less expensive and then I can play with ways to doctor it up myself.  I’m thinking mini chocolate chips, honey, dried fruit, granola… man, the possibilities are endless 🙂

Nut Thins

I even loved these cracker before but now they are practically a staple in my diet.  I love to eat them with some chunks of cheese,  avocado and turkey… it’s like a grown-up (GF) Lunchable!  There’s something very satisfying about building the tiny little cracker sandwiches and eating them one by one!

Ancient Harvest Pasta

Pasta is hard.  The texture is different, the taste is different and the cooking process seems to be a little trickier.
I have tried a couple different brands and so far this one tastes the most authentic to me and the cooking seemed pretty fool-proof.  They use organic corn flour and organic quinoa flour which turned the cooking water yellow, but other than that tasted pretty much like any other shells I’ve made.  I will keep experimenting though to find the perfect pasta substitute!

Rice Works Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps

I LOVE chips (who doesn’t?), so I find myself reading the nutrition label on almost every bag!   Much to my surprise and disappointment, there is wheat or a gluten product in many of my favorites.  What drew me to these guys is that it says ‘Gluten Free’ right on the front of the bag and you can buy them at Costco!  I really love a sturdy corn chip, all the better for dipping!  These rice chips taste wonderful all alone and are the perfect compliment to some chunky salsa or fresh guacamole!

More snacks to come…

One Comment on “Snackin’ Gluten Free”

  1. Lynley says:

    I have discovered a metropolis of gluten free products for you to try… The brand is called 1,2,3 Gluten Free and was developed by a mother-daughter team! Check out the website! They have everything from buckwheat pancake mix to biscuit, brownie and cookie mixes! All of their products are gluten free, wheat free, nut free, peanut free, egg free and dairy (including casein) free. All but two mixes are free of corn and all but one are free of soy… and their labels clearly indicate this for people who have more than one intolerance/allergy! They look DELICIOUS! Hope this helps!

    Love you…Enjoy!

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