Our little Noelle is really growing up!  She is getting so active and strong, which is wonderful for playtime but was really making sleep time challenging.  She still really needs to be swaddled to sleep for any amount of time or her twitching baby arms wake her up.  However, her new found strength and obsession with her hands has led to the following: rather than rolling over and falling asleep like she used to, she now spends the first moments we put her in her crib thrashing around to get her hands free from her swaddle, this usually leads to her getting really upset until they are out, and then, because though she likes her hands she doesn’t really understand them, she knocks her pacifier out of her mouth and cries-cries-cries until we head in, re-wrap her, re-pacify her and try again…All this was making getting her to sleep a HUGE battle!

Part of the problem was that she was getting too big for her receiving blankets and with a little bit of rolling around, she could escape even the best mommy swaddle 🙂  We were getting desperate for a way to (first) contain her and (second) lull her to sleep meltdown free, so she we could get some continuous stretches of peaceful sleep.

When left on her own (blanket free) we usually find her in a very adorable but crazy position, which is fun for pictures but usually ends with her waking up within minutes…

Thank goodness for swings and swaddle blankets! We have had much success the last few days using this soft, cozy, Velcro miracle and then giving her a good 10 minutes swing before transferring her to bed. Maybe not the most long term fix, but hey- whatever it takes to get some sleep around here, right?! 🙂 I was sure our problem was solved, until I found Noelle like this in her swing last night… Oh man! Looks like she’s going to be escaping this one before we know it! At least she stayed asleep…


One Comment on “Sleeping”

  1. Katie says:

    OH girl! I am right there with you! Kennedy has been fighting sleep also. I spend hours getting her to bed! Have you tried the Swaddleme swaddler? I seems to work the best at keeping them contained…though Kennedy is starting to get her arms out of that one too!

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