Green Light



Look at our sweet dad blending up some baby food!

At Noelle’s 4 month doctor’s appointment this week we got the green light to start introducing a little bit of fruit and veggie variety into her solids diet!  I was concerned that she was a little young to be so into eating and asked if we should hold off.  Everything I keep reading online says that babies can start solids (mostly cereal) as early as 4 months, but that they really usually aren’t ready until closer to 6 months, hmmmm…I was noticing that around dinner time in our house Ellie was getting pretty excited/agitated.  She would kick her feet, smack her mouth and just looked interested in what we were doing.  Even if I had nursed her within the hour she seemed like she wanted to eat again EVERY time we would sit down to eat.  I decide that I would try a little bit of rice cereal, just to see and…she loved it.  From pretty much day one she ate it like a pro!  In a previous post Ava and I made Elle some rice cereal with Avocado…a hit!  So at our doctors appointment this week I asked what we should be doing.  Feeding her solids once a day? twice? introduce any new foods?  He pretty much said “GO!”  Of course that meant, go within reason- age appropriate fruits and veggies and introducing each new food about 4-5 days apart and feeding her1,2,3 times a day depending on her interest and our patience.  Using this website I found a list of recommended cereal, fruits and veggies for 4-6 month olds and am going to try to make Elle some healthy ‘first foods’.

This week we’ve decided to introduce a vegetable!


Here’s what we did (I feel a little ashamed even posting this based on what little effort it took, but I think I just didn’t know how simple it was to do and wanted to share with everyone. A good measuring stick for simplicity is the picture above; if Kurt is doing it, it really is easy!! 😉 ):

Washed sweet potato, poked holes in it, wrapped in tin foil and placed in 400 degree oven for 70 minutes.  Cool enough to removed skin, chunk up and put in blender with 6 ounces of breast milk, formula or water.  Puree until smooth.  Freeze in freezer trays!

Who’s surprised that Elle loved it?? 😉





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