Oh the Preperations…

Our Ava will be 3 on Friday!  In many ways I can’t believe it…3… but in others it feels like I’ve know this little sweetie for my whole life.  We are so excited to celebrate her this year, especially since it seems that for the first time she understands what’s going on.  She knows about birthday’s and parties, she knows how old she will be, she knows that her birthday is October 25 15 (every time we ask her when her birthday is she says ‘October 25th?’) and she knows ALL about gifts… I did some research on 3 year old’s looking for some ideas for how we could best celebrate her on her special day.  The thing I found that really spoke to me said that with these little ones it is really all about the preparation.  Though they will no doubt love any kind of party or event that you plan for their day, they will mostly remember the details of how you got ready for it all.  So in our house this week we have been focusing on preparing for turning 3!  Here’s a little bit of what we’ve been doing:


Hanging some decorations



Preparing for a craft that we will do with some of our uncles and aunts



decorating and filling treat bags for our movie date with cousin Brody



Making and packaging some Butterfinger Lollipops for everyone who helps us celebrate


*as a side-note, I was blog hopping one day and ran into this blog.  This blogger swore that using only candy corn, peanut butter and chocolate she could make something with the taste and texture of Butterfingers… now, Butterfingers aren’t even my favorite candy bar but I thought I’d try out the easy, cheap recipe just to see… WOW- it is amazing!  I was skeptical, but the finished product was dead on and I am embarrassed to say that I keep sneaking into the freezer for another taste (just to make sure it really does taste butterfingerish)!


decorating some boiled eggs that we will eat for our birthday brunch


What a wonderful way to make a birthday really feel complete!  When this week is over we will be Birthday’d  out!!! Well, that’s the plan anyway 😉


One Comment on “Oh the Preperations…”

  1. jessica says:

    Candy corn?? I feel so deceived! 🙂 They seriously tasted like you melted a butterfinger and put it in a cute candy mold. Yum! You are so cute with all you did for Ava! I didn’t know that advice about the preparation being the most special part, but I can testify how true it was for Brody based on this year. Well I think her birthday was a huge success! She is such a blessing and gift to all of us, and we celebrate her life! I love you Ava Rae! Jess

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