She’s 3!

Can't believe our beautiful princess is 3! Cheers Ava Girl!

"Hot chocolate, a bagel with pink frosting and sprinkes ('that's a donut Ava') and an egg sandwich, please!" This is what Ava ordered at Starbucks for her Birthday breakfast!

Here's a preview of many, many hours of scanning-checking out fun at the pretend grocery store!

Great Nana made a special trip to bring Ava a birthday gift!

Ava loved her birthday mail! This one was a special treat from our L.A. family!

Toy Story 3!!! Ava's first movie and movie date with her favorite guy Brody!

Chick-Fil-A birthday dinner! (Ava's pick!)

Oh, our aunt Jess knows her so well!

Birthday cupcakes with FOOTBALL RINGS on top! (dad's pick!)

Our little dancing girl!

Our birthday craft: painting wood letter magnets to hang on our fridges!

Loved their matching black and white 🙂

Ready for some cold weather playin'... in style!

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ava, happy birthday to you!!!

Yay! Ava was a pro at the clothespin drop game!

What a fun birthday celebration! But, we missed our Grandpa!

He’s 25!

Happy Happy 25th Uncle Mitch! We should probably just call October 17th National Whoopie Pie Day!


Birthday Buddies!



3 Comments on “Celebrations!”

  1. Crystal P says:

    Awww! LOVE those matching black and white outfits! Looks like Ava had an awesome birthday!

  2. ryandroche says:

    ok 1. you are so cute that you had a craft planned! 2. i love your grandma, she’s so cute. 3. your LA family… i love it!! 4. wish we could’ve been there more than you know!!

  3. jessica says:

    How cute Dani! those are great pictures! You did such a good job making Ava’s birthday perfect for her in every way. She’s so cute!

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