Fall Fun


Fall is in the air… and I can’t quite decide how I feel about it 🙂  Am I excited to break into the sweaters, start cookin’ up the soup and start humming Christmas tunes or am I really, REALLY sad to see the summer sunshine go, put our swimsuits on a shelf and leave our grilling evenings behind us?!?!?

But boy, does Noelle look cute all bundled up for our last park days!

Hmmm... I guess dinners still taste almost as good as they do when we sit inside rather than on the patio (especially with a big cousin giving you loads of attention)!

Fall means pumpkins. Though I've never enjoyed one in quite this way before!

While Ava was creating the above masterpiece both on the pumpkin and on her leg...

Noelle was just happy as can be kicking away on the floor!

This is what happens when you settle 2 lovely ladies in front of 'Beauty and the Beast'!

Evening walks take about 10 more minutes to prepare for with all of the hats and blankets and bundling!

But coming home to a toasty warm house feels so nice and comforting!

Especially when Dad starts a fire and you get to drink hot chocolate and eat otter pops(?) in front of it!

Best thing about pumpkins, hands down, is the roasted pumpkin seeds! This year we got 3 pumpkins worth of salt and pepper seeds that made me oh-so-happy for fall!

On a friend's advise we checked out Galloping Grace Pumpkin Patch this year!


It was beautiful, free and such a fun family outing!

We couldn't believe how many pumpkins there were!

Or how many fun activities!

Kurt really liked this part, maybe more than Ava 😉

Ave wasn't ready to ride the horse this year... "maybe when I'm bigger," she said.

Happy 22nd Kay Mae!

I can’t believe how quickly fall was upon us and how quickly it is flying by!  We are really going to make the most of these cooler but not freezing days while we can!


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