Breakin’ a Sweat?

The other day Kurt and I were chatting…

I think it all started with some reference to how neither of us have really worked out since Noelle was born.  We joke about it often but really, it’s just plain weird that we have both taken a break from one of the things that we know each other for.  Exercise is very important to us and has always been one of the things we discussed as being VERY important for us to take part in for and with our children.  It is so healthy to move and breath fresh air and work up a sweat!  In a flashbulb type moment Kurt said, “I don’t think Ava really ever breaks a sweat”… as we continued thinking about it it became very clear that our gal is so content to sit, play, craft, color and pretend that it hadn’t really occurred to me to make her MOVE!  I’m sure some of you out there never even realized that a day could exist without the sweet smell of fall sticking to those little ones who have been running around outside, digging in the dirt and bouncing on the furniture…gosh, we didn’t even know what we were missing! Well, we decided that enough was enough!!! Ava and I headed out to our favorite store (TJMaxx) and picked up the perfect ‘get-your-blood-pumping’ kit.  One box complete with a princess frisbee and a kickball!  Off to the park we went and what a fun morning we had (and what a wonderfully long afternoon nap!)!

After this work out, working-out is finding it’s way back into our hearts!  Thank God for the accountability we have found in our little girl!  Who would have thought?!?

Ava was just adorable running...

and stopping...

and kicking the ball!

I truly don't know who was the most out of breath...

though if I'm honest it was probably me 🙂

What a show we put on for our tiny one! She has the kicking down but I bet she can't wait to hop out of the stroller and chase after us!



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