It’s Pie Day!

Ava has been on…and on…and on about making a pumpkin pie!  I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even know what a pumpkin pie is and I’m entirely sure she won’t want to eat it once it’s served, but for Thanksgiving we will be making a pumpkin pie!  Well, a Pumpkin Cream Pie to be exact 🙂  Thank you Pioneer Woman for your inspiration!  My anti-pumpkin pie eating self is thoroughly looking forward to trying this creamy creation!

We’ll also be making a Mud Pie just to be on the safe side!  This one is wonderful and reminds me of a wonderful slice I shared with my family many years ago in Hawaii!

Stay tuned for some pie pics and reviews!  Oh I hope they are good!

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!


One Comment on “It’s Pie Day!”

  1. Susan says:

    We made the pumpkin cream pie, too!!

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