Carson City Christmas

This might just be a post that only a family member can love… it’s a long one!  We were so very blessed this Christmas to be gifted a trip to Carson City, Nevada to spend the holiday with Kurt’s Aunt Peggy and Uncle Carter (along with the rest of his aunts and uncles on Mary’s side). It was so much fun that we just had to share many moments from each day of our wonderful winter vacation!  If you weren’t there and you make it though this post… wow 😉  But Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our wonderful friends and family!  We are ready to embrace 2011 and so excited to see what it brings!

And we're off! Yay for finally being at the airport! I think my relief came from not even having the option to pack/remove anything else from our many, many suitcases 😉

Kiddos after flight #1 still smiling and happy!

Notice our teething baby...reaching for anything and everything with her mouth open!

Sweet Aunt Jessie! Carson City Here We Come!

Peggy and Carter's Beautiful Home!

Merry Christmas!

Kurt and I cooked up Christmas Eve Brunch...for 16 people! It was much harder that we thought it would be but so satisfying to prepare a meal that was enjoyed by our family!

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus! And thank you Lord that our Monkey Bread turned out!

The kids had so much fun with Grandpa! This trip he introduced Ava to the game "tripper"! I'm mentioning it here because you won't be finding any pictures of it...I only know about it from the shrieks of pure joy and craziness I heard from across the house:-)

There goes Elle trying to eat everything...this trip she ventured into the world of Ham, Brisket, Meatballs, Potatoes in various forms and even the traditional Lefse! This girl is a fan of "real" food!

Oh what fun to have a live-in playmate for 6 whole days!

I loved the sweet little B&B that Peggy and Carter put us up in... It really warmed my heart to read this over the front door when just days before I asked Kurt if he'd had any holiday Angel sightings!

Our Room


Game Room

Noelle's First Christmas- almost 7 months old!


Best Christmas Eve Surprise EVER... Peggy took Ava and Brody shopping for COWBOY(GIRL) BOOTS! They are Ava's first pair and I can honestly say that she has worn them E-V-E-R-Y day since (including to church on Christmas Eve with her fancy dress!).

Pretty Girls getting ready for church! (boots still in place)

1 Gift before bed on Christmas Eve

Elle is into this gift thing! (or maybe just the paper?)



New PJ's on. Served up some milk, cookies and oranges for Santa and his Reindeer. Off to bed!

Adult White Elephant Time!

Hopeful (for a good gift and maybe a little sleep tonight!)

Mrs. Clause?!?

Match made in heaven...Jess wouldn't let this guy out of her sight!

Did Santa eat his treats?


He Came!

Noelle woke up... at 9:30! She missed stockings and everything! Not sure either of us look wide awake at this point, but we are READY for gift-time and Danish Pastry for breakfast!

Don't Break The Ice was a hit all week long!

Merry Christmas!

Great Grandma Wood on her 95th Christmas!

What a beautiful and bountiful Christmas tree!

First gift of the day...

Ava- "A Pillow Pet!" Brody- "They're machine washable!" Ava- "It's a pet and it opens up into a PILLOW!" Brody- "Mine's a dolphin!" Ava- "Mine's a ladybug!" Both- "AHHHHH!" Wow, who would have guessed that this would be THE gift of 2010 🙂

What did you get Noelle?

Something in a box...

Blocks! And she was content for the rest of present opening time!

It was a joy watching the little ones open with such excitement!

2 grandmas and a baby~

Loading up to walk the 2 blocks from our B&B to Peggy and Carters! (boots)

Sledding Day! Ava and Uncle Em!

Not seeming to mind the cold weather a bit!

Mom and Ava getting ready to attempt the hill!

Such a fun idea Grandma!

Ava and I had a so much fun sledding... for one run 😉

This hat was my White Elephant gift... I think I was the winner of that game!

The snowman building didn't go so well but Ava was so glad to have Grandma all to herself for some snow playing!

SO beautiful and cold!

Thank goodness Dad's so big and warm...I seem to remember him doing this with Ava too 🙂

Elle did a lot of this and not nearly enough sleeping on our trip... I wanted to be mad but gosh she's so cute!

Making a Cookie House!

With only a few minor construction blunders...

and just a tiny bit of grown up help...

it turned out pretty cute!

After this picture I think most of us got caught snacking on the house over the course of the evening 🙂

Cousins- oldest and youngest!

Our tiny princess!

Merry Christmas Wood Family! Thank you for blessing us and our children! We loved celebrating the holiday with you!

4 Comments on “Carson City Christmas”

  1. Paula says:

    how wonderful! thanks for sharing….. looks like an amazing holiday. you all are so blessed to have such beautiful, loving family on both sides! the girls are being raised surrounded by so much love and affection and fun! yay!
    the photos turned out great, too! are they all with the new camera…… beautiful.
    i especially love the one of ava on the beach with the snow…. gorgeous! toby and i used to spend lots of time in tahoe!
    happy new year, sweetie – hope it brings love and contentment… paula

  2. Jennifer says:

    BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!! Beautiful family! Looks like a wonderful Christmas! 🙂

  3. Stephanie says:

    I adore ALL these pictures. What precious memories!
    I especially love the one of you and Ava in your fabulous beanies and the one of Noelle zipped up in Kurt’s jacket!!

  4. jessica says:

    Wow that was such a great re-cap! Good photos girl! Way better than mine!! haha! You were more inclusive and captured details about the trip, not just people. That was a really sweet blog post of our famdamily. Thanks! 🙂 Keep up your photo shooting!

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