Foundation Find

For me make up has always been one of those things that I didn’t scrimp on.  In my college years I would definitely choose makeup ( and jeans) over grocery’s.  ANY day!  Well, fast-forward a few years and while I would be content to live on a diet of popcorn, string cheese and ice cream… my family is not so easily satisfied.  Though skeptical, I have decided that if it is possible to find a suitable replacement for a better price, why not!  So as I, piece by piece, replace my old loves with new ‘cheaper’ ones, I’ve decided to share.  I know that make-up is personal and that my choices and recommendations may not be for everyone but maybe I can inspire some of you to venture into the drugstore and find something that works for you and your budget!

Of course right as the Christmas bills were rolling in I ran out of Foundation… AHHH!  I definitely didn’t have the stomach to head out to Sephora for my usual $40 replacement so instead, I parked in the aisle of Target and found something that sounded promising… Now, I have tried doing a foundation swap before, but I get SO FRUSTRATED trying to find my correct shade in the drugstore.  Seriously, how do you do it without opening every bottle (all the while feeling guilty that you probably shouldn’t be opening every bottle) in order to find the perfect shade? So, as I was almost ready to give up I came across Cover Girl. It was really the only brand that had a little color-match guide.  You just run your hand under the transparentish sheet with a streak of all of their shades on it and when the color over your hand blends in you’ve got your shade!  I wasn’t totally at ease as I plucked up the color they recommended and headed for the register- but it worked!

So, instead of this:


I went for this:


CoverGirl Advanced Radiance in Classic Ivory $10

I am really liking my choice.  I do realize that this Foundation is marketed for women between 35 and 50… recommended for help with fine lines and wrinkles- but I loved that it has a very silky texture, good coverage, is suitable for sensitive skin, contains SPF and it doesn’t hurt that it says “age-defying” front and center on the bottle 🙂


2 Comments on “Foundation Find”

  1. Susan says:

    I have also started looking for my more expensive products on amazon, etc. I’ve found some good deals! Although, you can’t beat $10!

  2. jessica says:

    You are so cute! I pay $40 for my foundation too! Plus $25 for bare minerals powder! It is crazy. I have had such bad luck with drug store foundation in the past. You did inspire me! I MIGHT venture to try some covergirl foundation myself. I do like covergirl mascra. I guess we could buy like 5 different shades to equal one bottle from sephora! Well, I liked this post. Do share more make up tried and true tips! 🙂 Oh, and I like your downloaded pictures to ehance this blog post! Very cute!

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