You never know

…when it will be the last time your sweet baby falls asleep in your arms.  I said a little prayer yesterday asking that this not be it.  No matter how heavy your ‘big baby’ (Toy Story 3 anyone?) is, it is the best feeling in the world to hold a snoozing bundle in your arms.  I remember very clearly, many occasions when I would lift Ava out of her crib after she was deeply sleeping just to get my fix.  I’m not quite there with Noelle.  We’re still in the ‘if she’s sleeping don’t even breath around her’ phase as we covet every moment that our social baby sleeps 😉

But, if this was the last time, I’m sure glad we got the picture!


One Comment on “You never know”

  1. Paula says:

    beautiful thoughts, dani….. holding a sweet-smelling, warm and snuggly bundle of baby is so magnificent. when i was younger and babysat a lot – i used to LOVE holding and rocking the babies until they fell asleep on my chest, in my lap. and then my own babies: oh my…. such a incredible gift. i was in pure heaven every time…
    peace…. paula

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