Saturday Fun

The Barista-ing was hit!  I had never been to Hardback Coffee before- but for that Coconut Americano and the Cotton Candy Frappe I WILL be heading back soon!  And they have a drive-through!

Elle looks like she could have used some coffee…

The live music was wonderful!  It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning!  Friends, family, coffee, music  and comfy chairs!

Brody and Ava had so much fun and even got in a little dancing 🙂

Kurt’s Grandma Wood is in town for this whole month of January!  It’s hard to say if she enjoyed the music or the Great Grand-babies more… I bet it was just the perfect morning for her too, I have never seen her smile so big 🙂

And to end this fun Saturday we were invited to share with our friends as Ryan Turri screened his first feature film!  A date, a hilarious movie, joy and celebration, friends and family… loved this day!


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