a love story

One of my favorite blogs of the moment is featuring love stories this whole month.  What a treat it has been to read inspiring and true accounts from couples whose love fits into a whole array of molds.  I was inspired.  And so I tasked myself with writing ours.

I honestly sat down to do just this. I thought it would be fun and lovely and special.  And then I just sat. and sat. and sat.  How do you do justice to 7 emotional, joyful, crazy years?  Answer:  you don’t.  You just write one thing  and then another and hope that at the end of it you have shared a tiny piece of your heart.

Kurt and I scoped each other out our freshmen year of high school.  I don’t remember the first words we shared.  I do remember that I wanted to be like him.  He was real and straight, smart and fun, friendly and compassionate, loved by all, handsome, cute and really good-looking, he was true blue.  Fast Forward a few years.  He invited me to a church group that his dad led. We went to the gym together.  He made special trips to bring me homework assignments.  I was pretty sure he liked me.  I made sure to be at Young Life EVERY SINGLE WEEK, because I knew he’d be there.  I think he knew that I liked him too.  He took me on my first date. His sister wrote me a letter about becoming a christian.  I prayed.  I gave my testimony to all of my friends one winter evening.  Kurt and I went back to my parents house and looked at each other… we were in love.  (This
is that moment when you know… we were 18)

From here we went to separate colleges.  We talked on the phone.  We visited each other. Kurt made me CD’s.  We talked on the phone and moved back home.  We lived, learned and realized that life and relationships are kind of hard.  We were growing up together and we loved each other- what in life is sweeter?  Life presented opportunities.  Kurt moved to New York.  I cried. A lot. We talked on the phone.  I traveled for the first time in my life by myself. I was proud of myself and fell in love with New York.  I came home. I cried. Kurt adventured.  I found comfort in Jack Johnson and Maroon 5. I found comfort in my 7th grade friend. I found peace and rest in Jesus.  I cried.  Kurt came home.

We both moved out of our parents homes and lived alone.  We both LOVED it.  We beer ponged, studied and did the ‘college thing’. We went to a lot of weddings.  I wanted to get married.  Kurt wanted to get married. But not quite yet.  I cried.  I finished school with a BA in Psychology.  I continued my career as a waitress.  I loved my life. I loved Kurt.  I wanted to get married.  Kurt kept pushing toward his Engineering Degree.  He was drowning slowly in school, in pressure.  We took a break.  I tried desperately to imagine a life without the love of my life.  Tried to convince myself that he wasn’t the one for me.  That it was OK that he just didn’t feel the same way I did.  Over and over again, I just said to myself, ‘It’s OK, I was just mistaken.’  I turned and ran in the opposite direction, couldn’t, wouldn’t look back for fear that I would never have the strength to let him go again.  I Prayed.  He Prayed.  We Prayed.  Then I turned around and Kurt was there. I turned again and he was there. No matter where I looked or ran he was there.  He fought for me.  He fought me.  He fought me for me and promised to do it every day for forever if I’d let him.  I stared at him.  He cried. I was frozen and in shock.  I was afraid, more afraid than I have been in my life.  I slowly thawed and warmed and saw Kurt both as I had never seen him before and how I had always seen him.  I looked in his eyes and remembered what it felt like all those years ago to know.  I let go.   I chose to believe that we  loved each other all along.  We experienced forgiveness.  We experienced healing. We lived and breathed JOY.  He proposed in the most beautiful way.  I cried.  We planned our wedding together.  We laughed a lot.  We wrote the vows we wanted to exchange.  We cried together.  Those tears were some of the most precious I have ever shed.  I married the most beautiful person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I cry every time I realize that he picked me over and over again and the knowledge that he will continue to pick me for the remainder.

Our love story is by no means perfect.  But it is perfect for us.  We both rest in our story because really, there was no other way.  All praise goes to the One who began planning our love story before we had even uttered the prayer for it.  God knew that for us the process that seemed so long and painful and confusing at times would make the end so sweet and perfect.  Thank you Lord for knowing us better.  For having a bigger and better plan than we could imagine.  For doing Everything Well.

P.S. My fellow blogging friends:  You should really take a moment to write down your love story.  It’s a great way to spend a few moments.  It’s freeing and sweet and therapeutic. And did I mention, I cried 🙂

10 Comments on “a love story”

  1. ryandroche says:

    this is incredible. i love that you included songs that show different stages of your relationship. i want to write our love story but i’m afraid my words can’t do our story the justice that yours did. i loved every minute of reading this (and i had a few tears too)! so happy i could be a part of your lives and witness your love story!

    • Dani says:

      Roche- DO IT! You and Ryan’s story is just lovely even without words… I love your style and your voice and however you choose to lay it out there it will bring joy to others and yourself! I loved watching Kurt love that I wrote this and felt so thankful that I was prompted to put in into words… I saw God in our story in a whole new way. It was awesome! I love that you are part of our continuing story. Our life is enhanced by your presence and I thank God for you thoroughly and often 🙂 LOVE!

  2. Paula says:

    thank you for sharing your story. i remember when kurt was leaving for new york and how sad and crushed you seemed – yet you were still doing your best to support his dreams. i remember thinking how strong and smart and mature you were being – that i would have just collapsed into a puddle. i have loved you, dani since right after your 10th birthday. you are an amazing human and you are sharing your life with another amazing person… that’s what it’s all about… and i am so proud and happy for you and with you – both! give him a hug from me…. and those two lil’ cuties, as well!

    • Dani says:

      Paula- Thank you for your kind words… glad I put on a good show back then… I WAS A PUDDLE! Ha Ha! I am so thankful to have you in my life. 18 years ago when we met I would like to say that I knew that ours was a relationship that was for life. Though it hasn’t been as I imagined it would be back then, things have a way of working out how they are supposed to. Thank God for facebook, right?!? I love that we have reconnected as adults. I am inspired by you daily and just know that if given the opportunity we would have enough conversation in us to last days 😉 Hugs all around! Thanks for your constant encouragement.

  3. Lorena says:

    Dani…you.made.me.cry (and cry, and cry). What a beautiful love story. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s been incredible seeing your story unfold at different stages. I remember you both in high school, visiting Leslie down at NMSU and seeing you both (I have some pictures I found and should show you!), and now seeing you as man and wife. It’s an amazing love story and thank you again for sharing!

    • Dani says:

      Lorena- Thank you for being part of our life! So many of us shared our youth and I love experiencing being ‘grown-ups’ together! I am so glad you enjoyed our story- thanks for following us 🙂 Hope you are doing well and we can catch up soon!

  4. Paula says:

    oh dani – thank you so much…. your words have brought my joy on a day that has felt pretty joyless – thank you. i wish our lives right now allowed us time to sit and be together … and cook and play with babies….. thank you.

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  6. danielle says:

    GIRL! i meant to comment on this when i read it over a week ago. what a beautiful story and what a beautiful family you are! love to you, friend 🙂

    • Dani says:

      Thank You! Thank You! Your blog has really inspired me in so many ways…thank you for sharing your life! Isn’t it cool how we can be used to touch others without even realizing it? Thanks so much for stopping by!

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