A finger-lickin’ fun birthday

Happy Birthday PaPa!

Fifty one years. You are positive.  You are fun.  You love to eat.  You are THE Keva Man.  You are selfless with those you love most.  You understand patience.  You practice what you preach.  You love music.  You love God.  You have a heart for the future of this world.  You are a strong man.  You have never let much define you, age, circumstance, obstacle.  You love Mom A LOT. You love us A LOT. These are just a couple of the reasons we love to celebrate you in 2011!

Look what a beautiful cake Jo and Ava made for PaPa- German Chocolate with Kisses and M’s!  What this picture didn’t capture was Noelle’s cake-dive, thank goodness Jo’s pretty quick!

Gosh, What a cute pair!

Us girls and the birthday guy!

Doritos… I’m pretty sure Tug wasn’t the only one who was slayed by the “Finger Lick” Super Bowl commercial?

This baby really loves her pass…

Another close call on the cake-diving-baby!

Ava couldn’t stay away from the birthday attention! Now where does she get that from?

Though we seem to take this picture often… leather couch, beers on the table, kids piled all around, baby not paying attention, remnants of our lunch or brunch or dinner in the background…  EVERY time, I feel blessed to call these beautiful people my family!  Happy 51st Dad!


One Comment on “A finger-lickin’ fun birthday”

  1. Paula says:

    yay tug!!! love this guy so much…. and he loves so well. you guys are truly blessed!

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