weekend away

“The Cabin” as we all refer to the Sorenson’s Pagosa Springs home was just calling Kurt’s name… As the winter months are slowing but surly wrapping up the cabin call got louder and louder.  “Are you gonna get to snowboard Kurt?  At least once?”  He couldn’t deny the screaming in his mind for one more week. I’ll admit, it did take me pondering a full weekend with 2 girls, without dad, all alone to make a decision but… I am very glad we made the trip!  Though the car-ride was less than relaxing, and the nights weren’t the most restful, there is nothing, NOTHING that compares to that first sip of beer in the cold mountain air. The car is unloaded. The fire is warming up. The laughter over dinner is a given. The silliness that seeps out of all of us during games is bonding.  The surprising conversations that are sparked are always, well, surprising.  The joy and fun our kids have just being on vacation, surrounded by snow, an abundance of snacks and a long stream of movies and pretending is palpable.  It is always such a good reminder that getting away, even if not relaxing is refreshing.  Cheers to a Pagosa Weekend!  I even found a few joyous moments for myself.  With a house full of napping children I drank a my 3rd cup of coffee of the day, snacked on a Big Hunk, turned on Sex and the City and crocheted away at the scarf that I might finish in time for next winter.  It was an hour an a half of food for my soul.

I love that little tongue

Oh, ya know, eating a paper towel

The key to babies at the cabin is keeping them warm.  Doesn’t she look toasty?

Just making some snow-ice cream and snow-fish at the pretend restaurant 🙂 Ha!

Serving up some ‘Ramen Noodle Ice Cream’. Hmmm…

“Don’t spill ANY”  Cause there isn’t snow everywhere… haha!

Jess and Grandma cuddling 😉 Just Kidding, but aren’t they cute?

I didn’t make it into 1 single picture… oops, I need to work on that.


3 Comments on “weekend away”

  1. brenda says:

    Your a good little mama. How do your find time to do it all! can we say “jocelyn”!! Your dad put your blog in my fav’s at work . Fun to see your beautiful family. hugs to all, brenda

  2. Dani says:

    Hi Brenda! Thanks for checking in! Congrats to you on your new grand baby- I can only imagine how in love you all are!

  3. danielle says:

    i love all the snowy pictures 🙂

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