one thousand gifts

This book was literally stalking me.  Everywhere I turned it seemed that someone else I loved was loving the life-altering effects of Ann’s story.  So, with curiosity peaked and a book void on my nightstand I hopped on Amazon and ordered her up.

It arrived.

I started reading.

I am having a hard time doing much else.

One of my sweet friends recently blogged about her experience with ‘One Thousand Gifts’ and mentioned the online Book Club offered by one of her favorite sites.  I checked out the blog and I am hooked.  I can only imagine how great their Book Club is! Though they officially started it weeks ago, we are lucky that it is within the blog and we can simply start when we want and follow at our own pace 🙂 But what fun is it to book club alone?  So, all of my lovely friends out there:  Join me?  Please?

I would LOVE to read this book along with you.  We don’t have to chit-chat if you don’t want (or we can). We don’t have to get ready (as in shower,make-up, clothing other than the sweats we live in and swear are workout clothes). We don’t have to fit ‘Book Club’ into our nutty, crazy, busy lives.  Let’s just read parallel to each other.  Watch the videos whenever we can grab a few minutes.  Rest, knowing that we are not alone- that there is someone to talk to if we so chose- that we could be bound by such a beautiful thread through our very separate lives.

Not ready to bite the bullet…watch Ann’s introduction video below

Need more convincing…read chapter 1 here and see if your heart tells you YES!

Friends, I will be starting the book club (as in watching the video for chapter one and reading the accompanying blog) next Monday.  I will post a link to it right here on my little old blog.  So if you feel so inclined- visit me and click the link!  My prayer is that God could use this weekly post to hold me accountable and maybe some of you too.

Throw me a shout out (a.k.a. a comment below) if your are gonna give it a go!  I’d love just to know that I’m not alone too 🙂



8 Comments on “one thousand gifts”

  1. danielle says:

    i am so enjoying this book so far. makes me really think out and try to learn true thankfulness.

  2. Sarah says:

    Girl, you know I’m on board! And I’m always game to chat anything up. Although a glass of wine at Savoy might be nice too, sometime 🙂

  3. Lesley says:

    You’re like the 17th person who says they’re starting this book…I just got on Amazon and ordered it! 🙂 I’m excited. 🙂

  4. Becky Marshall says:

    I’m reading it and would love to talk about it too! 🙂

  5. ryandroche says:

    i wish i could be in this book club! over skype maybe? when i get some money i’m buying it!

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  7. Joanna Harbaugh says:

    Hi Dani! I’ve been looking for a book like this. I know I’m a little behind, but I am reading too. Love it so far! Thank you for sharing.

  8. […] And because this is the title of the post…and because you all are so graciously holding me accountable in my book club commitment: […]

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