week of firsts

This week started out with us laughing at Noelle as she did this silly arm-flapping dance while playing with us on the living room floor.  It took us a while to realize that she was WAVING!  So began a week of firsts and A-LOT of “Hi’s” from the 3 of us, trying to prompt that sweet, silly, arm-flapping wave.
If you can’t tell, Elle hasn’t found a food she doesn’t like.  However, when she loves things that I consider healthy choices, I am SO happy!  This week, beans! During lunch one day (following a bowl of veggie soup) Elle ventured into the world of clapping.  It was so cute to watch her realize that it was her tiny hands making that sound.  The delight on her face was priceless and the 900 claps that followed the first left Ava and I with a laughing-tummy-ache! This was truly a trick-a-day kind of week. Elle finally successfully drank through a straw too.

The other day Ava and I were talking and she informed me that she had the perfect job for Noelle when she grows up.  “A DRUMMER!”  In her sweet little Ava voice in true Ava form (hair flipping and matter-of-fact tone) she said, “Since she likes to drum on everything I think she would enjoy that job.  And she could be in a band like Dad.”  When asked what she was going to do when she grows up she said, “Be a Mom like you.  We can share Noelle and I’ll do Keva work during naps.”

That girl has it all figured out. Ha!

In other news, Saturday morning the three of us walked in to see what all the racket was during Elle’s “nap”.  It was her. Hanging onto the rails, on her knees, just bouncing away.  We dropped that crib mattress down so quick!  This kid is gonna keep us on our toes!

Very much inspired (continuously) with my crafty BFF I randomly decided that I would venture into the world of sewing.  Ummm.  Harder than it looks folks.  My first sewing project, a lumpy, asymmetrical, FAR from what I envisioned, blanket.  However, it turned out to be the perfect companion for my youngest girl.


One Comment on “week of firsts”

  1. Katie Sievert says:

    How cute! What a big girl!!!

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