the first 28

For these 28 and about a billion more, we love you and pray you have a blessed 28th birthday today!
A list of things about Kurt that I just love 🙂


loves our babies more than anything.

laughs out loud, daily.

leaves and enters our home with a kiss for all 3, every time.

loves it when we do girly things.

works hard.

loves music.

loves airplanes.

never stops sharing things that interest him.

‘plays’ (mostly dolls, doctor and kitchen)  most every moment he is awake and at home.

reads stories, with all the voices.

loves me.

believes in me.

believes God.

thinks that family dinner is a priority.

thinks that family, all of it, is a priority.

is conscious that what he is modeling our children will learn.

wants to be better, always.

humors me and my love for reality television.

loves all things sports and electronics.

never says no to pizza.

asks “why?”, often.

likes to drink beers and play games.

had a biggest gainer contest with me when I was pregnant, and held his own.

swears he loves my cooking.

doesn’t walk past a pile of laundry without starting to fold.

doesn’t get mad that I hate emptying the dishwasher, I don’t think I’ve emptied a load.

loves outings, zoo, park, walk, hike, drive, shopping-he’s always ready to go.

likes to laugh before bed, so we are watching ‘friends’ for the 5th (or so) time all the way through.

Thank you for loving us in a way that we never ever question it…

I love you Kurt, Happy Birthday!


3 Comments on “the first 28”

  1. Karen P says:


  2. what a sweet tribute to your man! i love seeing pictures of daddies with their little girls!

  3. Paula says:

    what a beautiful love letter to a beautiful man! happy birthday kurt!

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