1000 gifts. chapter 3. a few of my own.

Book Club buddies, the link for Chapter 3 is below!

Chapter 3


Here is a random sample of some of my 1000 gifts from last week 🙂

beautiful flowers in my garage sale mason jars

gifts piled high for the one I love

happy hour on a Wednesday. allowing a photo and then posting it.

restauranting just us four

a tiny mouth that loves it all

a man-child who wanted to see how fast he could run and how high he could jump in his new shoes

a new shirt. elle learning life in big strong arms. ava blowing with all her might.  the dreamer that I married.

sweetness in a white bowl

uninhibited laughter

a daredevil glint in that baby’s eyes

falling asleep in the midst of playing

those who choose to love us

those who you can always call to share little life moments with

big hands that remind me that our ‘big baby’ is still tiny in this world


sharing. sisters who are friends. those in life who make you laugh any ol’ time they choose.

gifts. genuinely missing people who are missing

sitting 4 wide on the couch to watch sesame street

experiencing life’s wonders all over again

hearing Ava’s ‘leprechaun tale’ the morning after

reminders of trust. answered prayers.  newness that draws a smile.

a yellow teapot that stole my heart months ago… ON SALE!

gaining trust. one snip at a time

spring. the promise of green grass. a baby unafraid.


2 Comments on “1000 gifts. chapter 3. a few of my own.”

  1. Paula says:

    beautiful! i HAVE to get back to my thank you notes…… this is good and delicious encouragement. thank you for sharing…. love you – paula

  2. Jodie says:

    Dani, Thank you so much for posting this. Not only is your family beautiful, but for some reason it really spoke to me and challenged me to think about the gifts I have in my own life. 🙂

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