1000 gifts: chapter 4

One Thousand Gifts Book Club:

Chapter 4

Hope you guys are hanging in there!  Though I am right here with you on Book Club video watching, I finished the book this weekend.  Wow.  I am starting over at the beginning.  It is wonderful and eye-opening and joy-inducing, but there is just so much stuff.  I feel like I want to give myself another go-round to retain some of this life changing truth.

I will leave you on this fine Sunday evening, with this:

Yes, I realize that this isn’t the very best pic of the beauties.  But really, I love everything about it.  Ava’s beautiful curled do. Elle’s swoopy wave and enough hair for a barrette.  Spring dresses. Flip flops.  Baby wearing an entire outfit that Big’ Sis wore just a few short months ago. Phony smiles. Sitting still. A birthday gift wrapped with love by Ava. Tiny pink toenails. 2 girls. My girls.  Remembering going in for a quick squeeze as soon as the picture was clicked.

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