happy happy

Happy Birthday Uncle Kev!  22. I sometimes get bombarded with memories of you as a little tweenager. Playing your guitar. Slamming doors and yelling. Running around in your pj pants and no shirt. Snacking, always snacking… well I actually still associate you with the snacking thing 😉 But really, you have grown up to be such a cool human- ‘tight roll’ pants and all.  One whose opinions I can not only stomach, but appreciate. You are your own person, always. Someone who understands me a little better than the others. You love your family and don’t even realize that in doing that you are setting an example I want to follow.  Someone truly compassionate (I will never forget the time you made us bring that homeless man and his dog some Taco Bell after we went out to dinner- and how you asked Dad for 5 bucks so we could do it). Such a talented musician. A fun uncle who reads and plays and shares.  Thanks for letting us be part of your life.

Cupcakes and Yo Keva and Blue Bell, Oh My!

Just a little Popcorn (that everyone said they’d be just fine without) and some Guesstures and Trivial Pursuit Junior.

Love you baby bro!



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