“would you say your pesto is the best-o?”

(Shout out to my ·FRIENDS· friends ↑)

I don’t know about that. but my first attempt at fresh pesto was pretty darn good-o.  one of those meals that we all fight over.  one that Ava and I thought about the next day. one that I think Kurt might have felt badly for taking all of the leftovers in his lunch.

We know that we love PESTO, but without a food processor, it was never on my radar. Every time a recipe circulated, I wrote it off.  But…this time when a food network recipe cropped up I remembered my new food processor and headed immediately to Trader Joe’s for the ingredients.

Basil, Olive Oil, Pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, Garlic, Salt, Pepper… that’s it.

Pan fried some chicken, made some Ancient Harvest shells (great pasta texture-the perfect al dente noodle), tossed, EASY and DELICIOUS (and Gluten Free).

Ava:(took a bite, put her fork down, closed her eyes) yum.

And since I had to steal this spoonful out of Kurt’s already packed lunch container it’s not nearly as bright green and fresh looking as it was, but you get the idea. Hmmm… wonder if anyone would mind if I made it again tonight.


4 Comments on ““would you say your pesto is the best-o?””

  1. ryandroche says:

    looks delish!! ry and i have been using a recipe that doesn’t use pine nuts and it’s also yummy! a little easier for us because we don’t usually have pine nuts just laying around :o). glad you found a new yummy dinner to work into the rotation!

  2. Paula says:

    pics are getting better and better! can’t wait to try the best-o pest-o! have i ever told you that we, as a family, have watched all 10 seasons at least 6 times through? (that’s actually kind of sad, but i guess funny too!) …. huge, HUGE, HUGE friends fans over here too! love you dear!

  3. Being that I watched, and laughed my head off, at Ava doing that exact same charade last weekend with her cupcake/ ice-cream creation, I can picture it perfectly! That girl has the ability to warm my heart like no one else!

    PS… Our first wedding gift is a food processor… I’m thinking this is dinner for Mitch and I tonight?

    Love you!

  4. Kayla Mae says:

    This looks so yummy and Kayla-doable! I love pesto, and anything from trader joes 🙂 haha.. If only I had a food processor!

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