road trippin’

We spent this weekend road tripping to Colorado Springs to visit Kurt’s grandma.  We will be referring to her as Great Grandma Sorenson 🙂  Our longest road trip with the girls to date was a huge success.  The car ride was complete with minimal crying, a fair amount of sleeping and eating (video to come later in the week), far, FAR more “are we there yet” and “this is taking too long” comments than I could ever have imagined and some good laughs and talks that only a car ride of this length could offer! We stayed in a splendid hotel (any of you ever heard of Best Western?).  The amenities were priceless… 24 hour pool, happy hour, full and I mean FULL breakfast, hot tub, 2 queen sized beds… really, it was fun! BUT this was not the highlight of our weekend.  That would be spending some quality time with GGS.  What an amazing woman.  We feel very blessed to have been given this time to spend with her.

Great Times. Great Memories.


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